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Our skin can be nourished from the outside with some natural ingredients.

Be Clean Our skin is the largest organ in our body, defending us and protecting us. 

It is a two-way membrane. Toxins are eliminated through the skin via perspiration and absorbed through the skin into the body’s circulation system, through hair follicles and sebaceous glands, but not through the sweat glands. One square inch of skin contains approximately 65 hairs, 100 sebaceous glands and 650 sweat glands. Every square inch of your skin is like a thousand open mouths, absorbing into the body most of what is put on it.

Did you know that even “natural” skincare products may contain pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful ingredients that hurt your skin and even internal organs over time? Look for products that have safe natural ingredients. 

FYI, all Bello Moi products are natural and free of toxic ingredients.

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The truth is many of us aren’t eating enough calcium rich foods.

We all know calcium is important for your bones, and plays a role in calming the nervous system. What role does it play in the health of your skin?
Calcium is the most common mineral in the human body and in regards to skin. A deficiency can display itself in itching, dryness, premature wrinkling, and an increased tendency to develop skin cancers. Also, when there is a calcium deficiency, your body will take calcium from your bones and teeth because it is needed in other body processes.
Calcium is important in the function of cell turnover and regulation of the protective lipid barrier. So, skin that can shed and renew itself and maintain an appropriate lipid level is another of the calcium skin benefits. Anyone suffering from dry, itchy skin should consider increasing calcium during cold, dry winter months to benefit from the protective barrier calcium can produce in the upper epidermal tissues.
Although calcium is not an antioxidant by itself, it is important in regulating the prod…

Gluten-Free Beauty: Who Needs It?

Gluten-Free Beauty: Who Needs It? These days, people are leaving bread off their tables, abandoning breakfast cereal and ignoring their pasta urges like the plague. What is behind this worldwide dismissal of some of our most adored carbs?  The trend is huge for avoiding gluten. Gluten free foods, and lifestyle choices not only affect diets, but are also expanding to areas as varied as skincare, laundry detergent, and even Gluten free vacations. Clearly, going Gluten free is a lifestyle choice one that extends way beyond the kitchen.

When someone hears the word gluten these days they want to run.  Especially if you have celia disease. Roughly one in 100 people have celiac disease globally.  So what exactly is this terrifying substance and why do some people avoid it? Gluten is a protein found in wheat and other cereal grains which causes intestinal inflammation in people with celiac disease. Even for people without celiac disease, some suffer from wheat sensitivity that causes up…

Nightly Masque

Everybody has there own nightly beauty routine. Most people slip into their PJs and brush their teeth, wash their face with a cleanser and dab a nighttime moisturize on. Oh and put on their eye cream. Once you have completed all of the above, you basically have it covered when it comes to a pre-bed beauty routine, right? Well, not necessarily. There is always more you can do to make sure your skin gets the most out of your beauty sleep and that’s where night masking comes in.  

To get glowing skin, add a masque one night a week. As you doze off at night, you can rest assured that this masque will do its job. This masque works hard while you rest with a blend of vitamins which are the ultimate heroes for fighting signs of aging.

When using a night time masque, make sure to cover your pillow with a towel or double up on your pillow case to protect your bed sheets from unwanted product stains.

Eat Right, Look Great

By incorporating these foods into your diet, you will begin to notice smoother skin...  

Full of antioxidants. The antioxidants and phytochemicals found in blueberries help to neutralize free radicals, which might otherwise damage skin cells, leaving your skin with a younger and softer look and feel. They help fight the signs of aging skin. Rich in vitamin C. The vitamin C in blueberries can help to strengthen the blood vessels just below the surface of your skin.

Avocados are packed with high amounts of fibre, plant sterols, magnesium, folate, protein, potassium, vitamins B6, E and K. Avocadoes also possess biotin, which help to prevent dry skin and brittle hair and nails. Unlike other fruits, it contains Omega-9 fats that repair damaged skin by reducing redness and irritation. Though it is true that avocados are high in fat, it is worth noting that they contain monounsaturated fats – the good fat which lowers blood cholesterol levels – that account for a major porti…


Serves 4 

Basil- full of flavonoids, antioxidant compounds that protect against problems such as heart disease and cancer. It also has volatile oils with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Basil provides magnesium and beta-carotene, another antioxidant, all beneficial for skin rejuvenation. 

Feta Cheese- has antioxidant, riboflavin, which may help prevent some signs of aging as well as degenerative disease. High in calcium and zinc which both aid in tissue growth and skin repair. 

Lemon- the vitamin C and citric acid help to purify blood vessels which in turn help remove impurities found in the skin cells. 

Olive Oil- allows the absorption of fat- soluble nutrients such as vitamins rich in antioxidant polyphenols and good fat E and A, and carotenoids, which encourage skin to glow. Omega- 6 fatty acids and vitamin E keep the complexion youthful by helping the skin stay soft, smooth and blemish free. Olive oil helps fight oxidative damage (from the sun or pollution) …

Show Your Skin Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re planning to spend the day with your sweetheart or with a group of your best friends, Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to pamper yourself and indulge in some of your favorite things! Show some love to your skin with these great beauty tips:

Love is in the air.Fresh air not only revitalizes our minds, but it also does wonders for your skin. Oxygen revives and replenishes skin cells, helping to prevent skin from looking dull and aged. Go for a romantic stroll outside and allow your skin to breathe in some fresh air (but don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun).

You are the only fish in the sea for me. Drink lots of water. Your body ranges from 50-75% water, so it’s no surprise that keeping yourself hydrated is a benefit to your skin.

Eat your heart out. This Valentine’s Day, why not reach for a dark chocolate that contains less refined sugar than its milk chocolate counterpart? Dark chocolate is especially rich in antioxidants that defend against free radicals and m…