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Is Your Skin Acting Up?

I am not a big dairy person, but I have noticed anytime I eat cheese or have milk with my cereal the next day I wake up with a nasty break out.   I feel cows are treated with so many antibiotics and hormones and I don’t want to add more of those to my body.   Organic is always a good way to go, but with milk I don’t think your really getting your true organic. The product could be without pesticides, but that does not account for the hormone factor. Give your skin a break – try for 2 weeks to omit the dairy products.   That includes butter too.   Substitute olive oil, coconut oil, or soy margarine for the butter.   Great substitutes for milk are almond milk, soy milk and my new favorite is quinoa milk.   Quinoa milk has a nice, not overwhelming taste and the best is it is a super powerhouse of bone building calcium!