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Oh yes, it’s that time of year already. Costumes, Candy and tons of makeup…

Whether you’re planning a scary costume or just enjoying the novelty of dressing up, Halloween is all about deviating from your everyday look. As you reach for rubber masks, the heavy face paint, and colorful hair dye, remember that these costume pieces can leave behind blemished, irritated, skin and damaged hair.   Once Halloween is over, do not fall into bed with your fright mask intact. Makeup should always be cleansed off of the skin to avoid breakouts. Un-cleansed skin is dirty skin, as it naturally produces oils, sweat and around 40 million dead skin cells a day; mix that with atmospheric pollutants and the waxes and oils from the make-up and you have a soupy, dirty mixture than can cause a multitude of skin problems and can worsen conditions such as oiliness and sensitivity. Okay, if you can look in the mirror & recognize yourself again, it’s time to ensure your skin has plenty of moisture to get over its night of horrors. Start the hydration b

Enter to win Bello Moi iRestore Creme or iFirming Serum.

We have partnered up with Ginae at Examiner to bring you a new #giveaway.  The winner gets to choose between the iFirming Serum and the iRestore Creme. Bello Moi iFirming Serum   strengthens and firms the gentle eye tissue with alpha lipoic acid and oligopeptides, which help to cross link the delicate elastin that is important to keeping the skin's structure strong. Vitamin C, grape seed extracts, passion fruit extract, and aloe vera act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents to soothe your skin. Malus Domestica, plant stem cells, stimulates the production of healthy new skin cells to transform and repair aged skin. Bello Moi iRestore Creme contains  Peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamin A and a special combination of antioxidants and extracts work synergistically to address dryness, fine lines and wrinkles of the eyes. Chamomile and green tea calms, soothes and de-puffs. Malus Domestica, plant stem cells, stimulates the production of healthy new skin cells to t