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Stress and anxiety can take a toll on your complexion.

In times of stress your body also directs your blood away from your face or the surface of your skin to travel to the heart, head and muscles. This lack of blood flow can make the skin clammy and also result in a pale complexion. Stress and anxiety can take a toll on your complexion. When we are experiencing bad stress our blood pressure rises, digestive system slows down, heart rate goes up, immune system goes down, muscles become tense and we become insomniacs. No wonder stress can age us.  Our skin is one clear place that shows the effects of continuous stress. The body releases a stress hormone called cortisol to patch and repair any weak spots in the body in times of distress, but the cortisol levels peak during extended periods of stress.  The cortisol can actually break down the collagen in your skin, the protein which allows skin to retain its strength and elasticity and look youthful. Stress also induces wrinkles.  Skin cells are modified in their most

Don't Let The Cold Temperatures Get The Best Of You.

Winter's cold temperatures can sometimes give your skin a rosy flush look, but when that redness  turns into dry, inflamed splotchy skin, that is not cute. You need to protect your skin from the frigid temperatures, harsh wind, loss of humidity and indoor heating. First, start off by calming your skin.  Licorice extract helps to control redness and flushing.  Licorice's main component, glycyrrhizanate, has been proven time and again to be an effective anti-inflammatory and moisturizer.  It also has the ability to brighten and lighten the skin and prevent further hyper-pigmentation. To help in the repair, hydrate your skin internally and externally. When it comes to hydration, use  moisture-rich cream that contains emollients like ceramides to boost the skin’s natural barrier and seal in moisture. Shea butter, olive oil and almond oil are other effective natural emollients.  Make sure to avoid products with fragrance, alcohol, witch hazel, menthol, peppermint, eucalyptus oil